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What makes Novee different than any other managed Forex account?

High monthly returns, very low drawdown/floating loss and an unprecedented, industry first, written hard stop protection agreement between the client and the broker. Novee Forex has negotiated with the broker (non-US clients only currently) to be able to provide a written agreement guaranteeing to protect 50% minimum of your balance (updated monthly) from loss! Novee Forex trader's strategy provides protection against losses of maximum 25%, and the broker has software in place to disconnect trading and close all positions if for some reason our trader’s protection should fail and floating loss should hit 50%.

How does Novee Forex make money?

We are paid a "success fee" or "performance fee" which is 35% of profits generated, and is paid monthly at end of month (or close to the month's end, depending if we have positions opened at the time). As we are paid from profit only, we only make money when you make money. There are no setup fees or software fees of any kind. Client accounts are protected with "high water mark".

What is a High Water Mark?

A High Water Mark, is a common approach to the calculation of performance fees. It means that performance fees are paid only on NET new rises in asset value. If a temporary decline occurs, it must be recouped before new incentive fees are paid. This ensures that investment managers receive a performance fee only when the account value exceeds its previous high.

What is your targeted monthly return, and what is your typically floating loss?

Novee Forex's trader targets monthly returns of 5-50%, with usually no more than 10% maximum floating loss.

Can I lose money in Forex with a managed account?

Yes. There is the possibility of loss in any investment; however we feel strongly that Novee Forex is a very lucrative way to make a passive income from Forex with taking the least amount of risk necessary to make the highest possible returns safely. Novee Forex usually never carry trades longer than a couple days, to reduce exposure to market volatility. Novee Forex also makes sure to protect our client’s accounts from loss in two ways.

The first way is through an internal stop setting in our trading software to stop trading should the client's account hit a maximum loss (realized or floating) of 21%. If this should occur (we do not believe it ever will as we trade multiple pairs, and all pairs would have to be down at the same time) trading would be discontinued and we would then contact each and every client to question if they have been pleased with our performance to date and if they would like to continue with Novee Forex or if they would like to request to be removed from our trading service.

As a second measure of protection, Novee Forex also has a written hard stop protection agreement through the brokerage (non-US clients only currently) which would not allow any further trading if a floating or realized loss of 50% of account balance were to occur.