Novee Forex is the safest place to make the largest, most lucrative returns from the Forex Market with the key emphasize on money management and account safety.

Novee Forex is a group of individuals that have been involved with the Forex market in one form or another as either traders or clients of other managed accounts, for approximately 9 years. After many countless weeks and months of researching what other fund managers could offer, we came to the conclusion that with the help of our expert trading partner, we can provide a superior managed Forex account experience to other investors! Our trader has years of experience and has come up with the ultimate “recipe” for consistent high returns with the least amount of floating loss, and very little drawdown or floating loss . This ultimate formula for pulling large returns from the Forex market month after month is equally paired with account safety, including stop loss protection built into the system to prevent loss, as well as a written agreement from our broker to protect the client’s account from complete loss.

Novee Forex goal is to be the premier managed Forex account available today, and provide our clients with excellent customer support whether you are a seasoned investor or a complete novice to the Forex market, we will help you through the process so you can also enjoy fantastic returns on your investment month after month with the security of knowing that we will trade your account just as we trade our own, with only calculated trades and with the highest level of protection available that no other managed Forex account can offer. This is why Novee Forex is better than the rest, and will be here for years to come!